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The Jewish Museum Berlin

Linderstrasse 9-14 Berlin 10969 030 25 99 33 00
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Sun, Tue - Sat:
10:00am - 8:00pm
10:00am - 10:00pm


With nearly 2000 years of German-Jewish history housed within thousands of square meters, visitors might be surprised at how easy it is to absorb. While there are too many artifacts to name, symbolism lies around every corner of the zig-zag building.

Broken down into 14 historical periods, Jewish history in Germany reflects upon three themes within the museum: Continuity with German history, Emigration and the Holocaust. Art, photos, interactive displays and everyday objects all lend perspective to this twisting pathway through history.

Just like history itself there is a beginning and an end. The museum's layout culminates in a lonesome tower lit only by a solemn light glimmering through a slit in the ceiling. Contemplation follows observation at the Jewish Museum Berlin as visitors end their visit resolving history's paradoxes in dignified silence.

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