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2/21/12 Round Up PM Edition

By Jspace Staff on 2/21/2012 at 5:27 PM

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2/21/12 Round Up PM Edition

Like Franklin Delano Roosevelt recommended, Jeffrey Goldberg judges Israel by the enemies it’s made and finds that with such powerful forces arrayed against it, the Jewish State could use more friends. [Bloomberg]

Polish and Israeli pilots will join for the first-ever joint exercise between their countries in March. [Israel Hayom]

Business Insider rounds up the 10 most innovative Israeli startups that readers have probably never heard of. [Business Insider]

Romirowsky Robinson-Divine examines the progress of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement sweeping through American campuses. [Ynet]

“In Wonderland: Surrealist Adventures of Women Artists,” currently on display at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, highlights the surrealist artwork of Rose Mandel, Kati Horna and Ruth Bernhard. [Haaretz]

Professor Stanley Rothstein argues that despite his wartime record, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt was mildly anti-Semitic. [Arutz Sheva 7]

“The king spoke candidly about the situation in Syria, about the Muslim Brotherhood, about Turkey and his relationship with Netanyahu and Israel in general,” a conference official said following the delegation’s meeting with King Abdullah II. [The Times of Israel]

Poland’s Chief Rabbi Michael Shudrich has lectured at 10 prisons as part of an initiative to teach Jewish studies to Polish prisoners. [Haaretz]

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