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2/29/12 Round Up PM Edition

By Jspace Staff on 2/29/2012 at 11:14 PM

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2/29/12 Round Up PM Edition

JFNA Chair of the Board of Trustees Kathy Manning expressed concern about the recent gender-segregation crisis in Israel during a recent meeting with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. [Arutz Sheva 7]

Washington and Jerusalem are hammering out a joint statement to be released following next week’s Obama-Netanyahu meeting. Defense Minister Ehud Barak is already in the US to discuss the Iran threat. [Israel Hayom]

Massachusetts, Ohio and Virginia will likely become battleground states as the presidential election progresses and candidates battle for the Jewish vote. [The Australian]

Alan Dershowitz examines the rash of accusations that American Jews and organizations are “Israel Firsters.” [Fox News]

A Senate panel Tuesday approved legislation that would ban courts from examining religious or foreign law in their rulings. Muslims and Jews have each protested the measure as discriminatory. [Sun Sentinel]

Giulio Meotti worries that Holocaust denial is on the rise in the Italian mainstream. [Ynet]

The 50-game ban on Ryan Braun has been lifted, but it is unclear whether the Milwaukee Brewers outfielder is actually innocent of violating MLB’s drug policy. [New Jersey Jewish News]

Jewish NBA player Elon Steinman sarcastically compares his fan base to that of upstart Jeremy Lin. [Jewish Journal]

Former Israeli military trainer Dror Barak, who modeled under the pseudonym Roman Ragazzi, has allegedly committed suicide. [Out]

“The Midwife of Venice” was born of a University Toronto class titled “How to Write a Bestseller.” [Cottage Country Now]

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