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3/15/12 Round Up PM Edition

By Jspace Staff on 3/15/2012 at 5:31 PM

Categories: History, Science & Technology, Middle East

3/15/12 Round Up PM Edition

Since his visit to the United States, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has devoted himself to preparing public opinion for war with Iran. [Haaretz]

Asaf Romirowsky argues that pro-Palestinian groups are appropriating the language of David and Goliath to argue against being silenced. [Ynet]

Israel has developed its own bunker-busing bombs. [DEBKA File]

French-Jewish businessman David-Guy Lesueur was arrested for desertion after attempting to enlist in the IDF. [Ynet]

Israel, Iran, Jordan and Turkey are pooling resources to build a particle accelerator of a UNESCO-sponsored science project. [Haaretz]

Though Oded Golan was acquitted for antiquities fraud, questions are still unanswered concerning the legitimacy of his famed artifacts. [The Times of Israel]

Israeli Customs officials announced that the favored goods to smuggle into the country were cell phones, Viagra and fake name-brand clothing. [Haaretz]

An Israeli nursery has developed a strain of basil that grows in the form of a tree. [Green Prophet]

“The Passenger,” an opera set in Auschwitz, will be staged in the Israeli Opera House next season. [Haarez]

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