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3/22/12 Round Up PM Edition

By Jspace Staff on 3/22/2012 at 6:24 PM

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3/22/12 Round Up PM Edition

Six months after the Israeli embassy in Cairo was attacked, officials cleared out the office until a new location can be found. [Israel Hayom]

Author Andrew Bostom discusses Islam’s early conquests of the Jewish tribes in Arabia in his new book “The Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism.” [CBN]

Giulio Meotti wonders whether Jews have a place in Europe as anti-Semitism rises. [Ynet]

Rabbi Arnold Wolf has influenced President Barack Obama’s view of Israel. Liberal players like Wolf liberal players “bred in Obama a specific and subversive vision of American Jewish identity and of the Jewish state,” Peter Beinart writes in his forthcoming book, “The Crisis of Zionism.” [The Washington Free Beacon]

Elie Wiesel muses on the hatred that bred the tragedy in Toulouse. [The Algemeiner]

Marc Worthman recounts how General Ulysses S. Grant expelled Jews during the Civil War, and the legacy that first act of religious targeting has left on the world. [The Daily Beast]

The Austin Jewish Film Festival explores the subject of Jewish identity. [Austin Chronicle]

NPR examines “Shoah” director Claude Lanzmann’s newly translated memoir “The Patagonian Hare.” [NPR]

Ofer Levy won first prize in the 2011 Australia photography competition. [The Australian Jewish News]

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