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3/23/12 Round Up AM Edition

By Jspace Staff on 3/23/2012 at 10:58 AM

Categories: Israel, Politics, Culture

3/23/12 Round Up AM Edition

Israelis and Palestinians in neighboring towns have joined together to protect their local garbage site. [Ynet]

Protestors in Tel Aviv took to the streets to fight the objectification of women, in an initiative known colloquially as “Slutwalk.” [Haaretz]

A Jewish geologist from Texas traveled to prehistoric sites in Israel. [Haaretz]

An agreement between Israel and the EU should make air travel between the regions easier once it takes effect in 2017. [Israel Hayom]

Legendary bagel businessman Murray Lender died at 81 in Miami. [Jerusalem Post]

Jethro Tull has included stops in Haifa, Jerusalem and Raanana in its upcoming tour, set to take place in early September of this year. [Ynet]

Reports have emerged about a speech presidential-hopeful Rick Santorum gave at a gathering of Jews for Jesus. [Tablet]

Times of Israel writer gives ways to ease into the weekend, with five suggestions for a pre-Shabbat Friday. [Times of Israel]

“Star Wars” fans say Darth Vader is Jewish, and they’ve got the armor to prove it. [io9]

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