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4/12/12 Round Up PM Edition

By Jspace Staff on 4/12/2012 at 6:15 PM

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4/12/12 Round Up PM Edition

A southern Israeli radio station is broadcasting to the Iranian community, in an aim to bridge political gaps. [AFP] An Iranian official thinks there’s little chance of war in the Middle East, adding that Western powers should stay out of the region. [Haaretz]

Meanwhile, Barack Obama threatens more economic sanctions against Iran, as Hillary Clinton states she believes the Islamic Republic will step up to the plate with new “ideas” ahead of an upcoming summit. [Jerusalem Post]

Ex-Israeli Defense Minister explains how the Jewish state fought terror, 10 years after the Defensive Shield operation. [Ynet] The pro-Palestinian “flytilla” has sparked criticism from Israelis. [Jerusalem Post] Elsewhere, Egypt’s new government has decided to strip power from those associated with the old regime. [Times of Israel] And Israel’s ambassador to Washington has written an open letter to the New York Times, criticizing an article that claimed Benjamin Netanyahu interferes in US politics. [Haaretz]

An Israeli study shows employees with supportive bosses are more likely to recover quickly from an illness. [No Camels] And Tablet criticizes moviemakers for denigrating a Jewish classic in the new Three Stooges film. [Tablet]

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