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Chris Brown v. Drake: Round 2? (VIDEO)

By Jspace Staff on 7/2/2012 at 3:56 PM

Categories: Entertainment, Gossip

If there’s one person hoping to gain something from the Chris Brown/Drake feud that took WIP nightclub by storm, it’s celebrity-boxing promoter Damon Feldman.

He is notorious for organizing fights featuring Jose Canseco, Michael Lohan and Rodney King. So it only makes sense that he'd want to capitalize on the lastest Hollywood brawl...classy guy, right?

He offered $1 million to each of the bottle-throwing musicians to hash it out in a Las Vegas or Los Angeles ring. He also asked Rihanna (their common denominator besides music) to be a ring girl at their bout, but our guess is that she’ll say no.

In case both parties say yes (with or without Rihanna), Feldman has the whole event planned. It would feature three minute-long rounds with the boys in oversized gloves and protective headgear. Bets are they wish they had that for their first fight.

Businessman Alki David agreed to be the financial backbone of the event. He’ll also donate $1 million to a charity that helps abused women if the fight actually takes place. Ironic.

Feldman says he hasn’t heard back from either celeb yet. Since Chris is still on probation until 2014, we hope he’s not waiting by the phone for a "yes."

J-Connection: Damon Feldman is also known as “The Jewish Bomber.” Drake's mother is a Jewish Canadian, and Drake had a bar mitzvah.

  • Drake's mother is Jewish.
  • Drake has not responded to Damon Feldman.
  • Drake fought with Chris Brown at WIP nightclub.
  • Chris Brown has not responded to Damon Feldman.
  • Chris Brown is still on probation until 2014.
  • Chris Brown fought with Drake last month.