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eBay to Begin Start Up Incubator in Netanya

By Jspace Staff on 5/20/2013 at 2:51 PM

Categories: Israel, Business, Science & Technology

eBay to Begin Start Up Incubator in Netanya

EBay is setting up a start up incubator in Israel, to encourage entrepreneurship and innovation.

The center will be located at Israel’s eBay headquarters in Netanya, and will focus on ecommerce, social networks and big data start ups.

“We want to work with the Israeli startup community in a more organized and orderly fashion,” said eBay Senior Director Amit Menipaz, also a former head of eBay’s Israel branch.

“In general terms, I can say that we want startups that deal with machine-learning and data-sorting algorithms – from text to video. Those involved in big data analytics, data visualization, social models for retail and others. Each eBay center has its own focus, and we’re still figuring out what Israel’s will be. We will invite people to work with us, to leverage the technology they’re developing,” he said.

“Other than that, we’re still thinking what exactly we can and want to supply, in the form of software solutions, tools and financial assistance. We would love to help the companies run pilots here, test their technology or conduct market research.”

“We will supply selected companies with access to our vast databases and step-by-step consulting. We will assist the startups in commercializing their product and realize not only which problem they want to solve, but the value of their technology.”

The new incubator already has its own blog and Facebook page, and will be fully installed by the end of this year. EBay is currently looking for start ups to join.

EBay already has similar incubators in New York and other cities.