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France, Britain and Colombia to Abstain on Palestinian Statehood

By Jspace Staff on 11/4/2011 at 2:19 PM

Categories: Politics, Middle East

France, Britain and Colombia to Abstain on Palestinian Statehood

France, Britain and Columbia are planning to abstain from voting on the Palestinian bid for UN membership, according to reports by CNN and the BBC.

The three nations made their positions clear to fellow members of the Security Council Thursday afternoon at a meeting of the admission committee currently considering Palestine’s application for statehood. None have officially announced their abstentions, but diplomats at the closed-door meeting relayed the information to the media.

A UN diplomat also said that Germany has revealed that it will not support the Palestine application, but did not say whether the country would abstain or vote against it.

Most support the establishment of a Palestinian state, but oppose the UN move as a unilateral bid that may hurt efforts to restart peace negotiations between Israel and Palestine.

The Security Council is set to meet next on November 11 to discuss the membership bid. A vote on the issue is voted next week.

Diplomats now say that the Palestinians are unlikely to succeed. Not only has America warned that it will veto any resolution on the application, it is unclear that Palestine can muster the support of nine out of the 15 member nations necessary for a positive vote.