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Israel and Greece Host First Ever G2G Meeting in Jerusalem

By Jspace Staff on 10/9/2013 at 4:27 PM

Categories: Europe, Israel

Israel and Greece held its first-ever government meeting in Jerusalem yesterday, which insiders said was a sign of the growing relationship between the two nations.

“I think you’ve shown leadership, you’ve shown solidarity, a great deal of courage and wisdom to act, to do the right thing, even though it’s unpopular,” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras, referring to the Greek leader’s handling of his country’s debt problem.

But Netanyahu cautioned that financial worries are not the only concern the Greek government should be thinking about.

“The greatest threat to peace and security of the region and of our world is Iran’s pursuit of its nuclear weapons program,” the Israeli PM said. “Iran’s presidents might change, but that country’s nuclear program continues to expand. That is because the real leader of Iran, the real ruler of Iran, the so-called Supreme Leader, is committed to getting nuclear weapons.”

He added: “The only tangible result from the P5+1 talks, the five countries that have been talking with Iran, is that Iran has managed to buy more time and to advance in this time its program to develop nuclear weapons.”

“In parallel, the Iranian regime continues to plan and conduct terrorism across the globe, including an attempt through its own agencies and its proxies in various countries in Europe: an attempt in Cyprus, a successful murder, unfortunately, in Bulgaria, terrorism across the globe. This is what Iran continues to do today, and in Syria it participates in the mass murder of tens of thousands of men, women and children.”

Samaras was in Israel to sign ten separate cooperation agreements in fields like energy, science, technology, culture and education. The partnership is known as a G2G agreement, or government to government.

“Greece and Cyprus have energy resources and we feel that we can both cooperate with Israel in the development and the transportation of those resources. Greece and Cyprus and Israel can together become a beacon of hope for all nations and for all peoples in our area,” said Samaras, who arrived in the Jewish state with a delegation of officials, who also met with the Israeli counterparts.

“This is a partnership that excludes no one and potentially includes all peoples in our region, aspiring to the same ideals of stability, security, peace and growth,” Samaras said.