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Tel Aviv Ranks 2nd in WSJ 'Most Innovative City' Contest

By Jspace Staff on 3/5/2013 at 11:44 AM

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Tel Aviv Ranks 2nd in WSJ 'Most Innovative City' Contest

Tel Aviv has ranked second place in a competition ranking the world’s most innovative cities.

The Israeli hotspot came in behind Medellin, Colombia, but still ranking ahead of metropolises like New York City, London and Hong Kong.

The rankings were conducted by an Internet poll through the marketing department at the Wall Street Journal, in partnership with the Urban Land Institute.

Though not the outright winner, the honor has already been well received by Israeli officials.

"Alongside the city being home to many diverse technological ventures, the municipality is investing great efforts in cultivating entrepreneurialism and innovation," said Tel Aviv Mayor Ron Huldai following the contest results.

"Already we are seeing the clear results, in terms of economic growth and increased investments coming into the city."

Nearly one million users participated in the poll, with other choices including Berlin, Chicago, Vienna and Toronto. The survey was open from October to December of last year.

On the Urban Land Institute’s Web site, Tel Aviv was described as a city that "has emerged as a global hub of technological innovation. Home to thousands of homegrown startups as well as outposts of American giants such as Google and Microsoft, Tel Aviv’s technology corridor, dubbed the 'Silicon Wadi' (employing the Arabic word for valley), is ranked just behind California’s Silicon Valley in worldwide importance.”