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Israel Working to End Sexual Assault

By Jspace Staff on 8/4/2011 at 11:25 AM

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Israel Working to End Sexual Assault

After the movie The Hangover came out, there were jokes about the adventures that would come following the ingestion of a Roofie Colada (a term for any drink containing a ‘date rape’ drug). Although the movie and its sequel made for many laughs and made light out of these scenarios, sexual assault due to date-rape drugs in the unsuspecting is no joking matter and Israel is ready to put an end to it.

There is an estimated half million American women who experience sexual assault every year after a date-rape drug was used to spike their drinks. Tel Aviv University has used research to develop technology that can detect the presence of any date-rape drug in a drink with 100 percent accuracy. Although the invention is not yet ready for mass production due in part to its size, making the technology practical in size is the next step for these researchers.

The technology proves to be so advanced that it can detect trace amounts of odorless, colorless, and tasteless drugs in drinks. The creators of the technology, Fernando Patolsky and Michael Ioffe, are hoping that the technology is no larger than the head of a pin so that potential victims can discretely evaluate drinks for themselves. The researches hope that this will put an end to sexual assault and robbery through these sedative drugs by being the most effective preventative measure. By empowering potential victims, these crimes can be virtually eliminated.

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