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Nude Gal Gadot Sparks Lawmaker Protest (VIDEO)

By Jspace Staff on 3/14/2012 at 5:07 PM

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Castro has certainly earned a lot of attention for its advertising campaign, featuring a nearly naked Gal Gadot. Nine members of the Knesset have signed a protest letter against the “pornographic commercial,” Maariv reported on Wednesday.

“If you’re not well-dressed, you’re not dressed at all,” claims the commercial, which features a nude Gadot or model Yonatan Wagman walking into a elevator filled with dressed businesspeople.

MK Uri Ariel wrote the letters to the clothing company and Channel 2, which were signed by eight other MKs from five different parties. The lawmakers asked both companies to remove the advertisement because the models are “naked like the day they were born, with only a slight blur obscuring their private parts.” They also objected that the ad screened during peak viewing hours, when young children were watching.

Castro responded to the allegations by claiming that the models were never naked, but dressed in the company’s lingerie, which was then pixelated. “There is no law preventing a company like ours from filming lingerie,” the company said.

A spokesman for Cannel two told The Israel Times that it would investigate futher after receiving many complaints.

J-Connection: Gal Gadot is an Israeli actress and model. She is so Jewish that she won the Miss Israel title in 2004. Mazel!

  • Gal Gadot
  • Gal Gadot
  • Gal Gadot Photo Credit: Apega/WENN 2
  • Gal Gadot
  • Gal Gadot Photo Credit: Apega/WENN


Brian Galumbeck
Brian Galumbeck 7/23/2013 at 10:11pm
I'm sold! I am conservative but if she is so Jewish I am going to step up a notch!
Chuck Touche
Chuck Touche 3/1/2013 at 8:05am
Leslie Stonebraker
Leslie Stonebraker 3/14/2012 at 6:07pm
If it's there, that is some skimpy lingerie.
Sonya Michelle Kreizman
Sonya Michelle Kreizman 3/14/2012 at 5:21pm
haha love iT!