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Regina Spektor Returns to Israel (VIDEO)

By Jspace Staff on 5/1/2013 at 12:32 PM

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Moscow-born, New York-raised indie folk singer Regina Spektor plans to return to Israel for an August 24 concert in Caesarea. She first played in Israel in 2007, selling out both concerts of that tour.

Since rising to indie fame in 2006 with her Billboard hit, “Begin to Hope,” Spektor has been open about her connection to Judaism and Israel. Though she has been away from the Jewish state for six years, the 33-year old singer-songwriter has stayed true to her roots in the interim.

In 2009, amidst Hezbollah sending rockets into Israel, she posted a pro-Zionist message on her myspace.com site, defending Israel. The following year she performed for the Obamas in honor of Jewish Heritage Month.

In 2012, she headlined a benefit concert for the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, an organization that assisted her family when settling in New York 24 years ago. Having fled to the US with her parents to escape the Soviet Union’s anti-Semitism, Spektor repeatedly paid homage to the organization for their help.

She once told Haaretz how a difficult hike in the Negev when she was 16-years-old led her to make up and sing songs to ease the physical strain, and how she was surprised to find that her traveling peers enjoyed the spontaneous music. It is no surprise that the place where Spektor once discovered she could entertain through song continues to be a platform for her music.

The first 300 tickets to her upcoming concert will be sold at NIS 200, while regular tickets will cost between NIS 200 and NIS 350.

J-Connection: Regina Spektor is Jewish.

  • Regina Spektor is Jewish
  • Regina Spektor is Jewish
  • Regina Spektor is Jewish