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Signed to Bears, Marc Trestman Only Jewish Coach in NFL

By Jspace Staff on 1/17/2013 at 5:08 PM

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Signed to Bears, Marc Trestman Only Jewish Coach in NFL

In a move that has had both the Jewish and sports worlds talking, the Chicago Bears signed 57-year-old Minneapolis native Marc Trestman, making him the lone Jewish coach in the NFL.

After a long series of interviews, Bears management chose Trestman for the job, mainly because of his well-known work with quarterbacks. The move proves that the team is shifting their focus from defense to offense. Trestman has worked as quarterback coach for several teams in the past; helping Bernie Kosar, Scott Mitchell, Jake Plummer, Rich Gannon, and Steve Young become the players that they are today.

The Jewish coach is also one of the most popular go-to-guys for college quarterbacks preparing for the NFL Draft, having prepped the Bears’ very own Jay Cutler back in 2006. "He understands quarterbacks, their thought process and the minds of quarterbacks and what we have to go through. It's going to be a quarterback-friendly system, and I can't wait to get started with him," Cutler told the Bears’ website.

Trestman has 27 years of experience under his belt. His most recent coaching position was with the Montreal Alouttes (CFL), and the last time he held an official position in the NFL was in 2004 with the Dolphins.

In 2010, Trestman released his first book, “PERSEVERANCE: Life Lessons on Leadership and Teamwork.” The Bears are hoping he will be able to put theory to practice, and help Jay Cutler get out of his current slump.

Trestman joins Theo Epstein, General Manager of the Chicago Cubs, who is another Jewish coach in charge of bringing winning days back to Chicago.

Becky Griffin is an Israeli-American television journalist living in New York. A basketball and music lover, Becky can be found on Twitter at @DorothyofIsrael.