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UK Pilot Holds In-Flight Moment of Silence for Munich 11

By Jspace Staff on 7/31/2012 at 12:20 PM

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UK Pilot Holds In-Flight Moment of Silence for Munich 11

A plane full of passengers issued a personal moment of silence for the Munich 11 as it flew over Germany last week, according to several Israeli news outlets.

Media reported over the weekend on a story that broke thanks to a Facebook page, USA Stands with Israel. The social media group claimed Israeli passengers on an easyJet flight asked the plane's captain for the commemoration, as the passengers realized the plane was directly over Munich. The pilot agreed, allegedly in direct response to the International Olympic Committee’s refusal to host its own memorial at the London 2012 opening ceremony Friday. The flight in question took place Thursday evening on a route from Luton, England, to Tel Aviv, with the minute of silence occurring at 10:40 pm, Israeli time.

Though the report has yet to be verified by official sources, news outlets like Ynet and Israel National News have begun spreading the word.

"The pilot came on the intercom and informed the passengers that the crew will be observing a minute of silence as they fly over Munich and he invited the passengers to join them in remembering the Israeli sportsmen who were murdered there at the Olympic Games 40 years ago," said a passenger, according to Israel National News.

The pilot reportedly asked non-israeli passengers to be respectful during the moment. EasyJet is a budget airline that operates out of the UK.

Munich 11 refers to the11 Israeli athletes who were kidnapped and murdered by Palestinian terrorists at the 1972 Munich Olympic games. This summer’s Olympics mark the 40th anniversary of the tragedy, which many viewed as an appropriate time for the IOC to create a memorial. To much controversy, the IOC continues to refuse the request.

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