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US Tennis Teams Train for Maccabiah Games

By Jspace Staff on 2/24/2013 at 2:11 PM

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US Tennis Teams Train for Maccabiah Games

As the spring approaches, more and more countries are announcing their squads for the Jewish Olympics.

The Juniors and Open tennis teams to represent the US in the upcoming Maccabiah Games in Israel this summer are coming together, as announced by Rose Weinstein, the 19th Maccabiah USA Juniors and Open Tennis Chair.

Scott Davidoff and Joshua Cohen will be in charge of the teams as Head Coaches. Scott Davidoff, who participated as an athlete at the 1985 Maccabiah Games and coached the Juniors Tennis team at the 2009 Maccabiah Games, will be coaching the Open team, while the Juniors team will be coached by Joshua Cohen and assisted by Elana Sessler.

“These are outstanding teams, full of athletes who are enthusiastic to participate in this event,” Weinstein said. “Scott Davidoff is one of the top coaches in the United States and the world, and he is also very enthusiastic to coach these athletes and participate in this amazing event,” she added.

As for the athletes, Weinstein stated that the Open team includes athletes who have captained their respective college teams, and some have been named to All-Conference teams. All members of the team have had high-level experiences in NCAA tennis. The biggest star on the team is Jennifer Shulkin of Gladwyne, who plays for the University of Pennsylvania. The Juniors team members include Samuel Silver of Bryn Mawr.

Becky Griffin is an Israeli-American television journalist living in New York. A basketball and music lover, Becky can be found on Twitter at @DorothyofIsrael.